Blessings from Israel!

Good afternoon, everyone,

I have received “Blessings from Israel” that I am honoured to share. Our dear friends and ministry partners at missions 3D threshold sent us a beautiful recording from Yad Hashmona, “the only Messianic village (moshav) in the Land.” Terry (from missions 3D) tells us that Ayelet (the woman singing in the video) says: 

We recorded this 2 days ago, it is Aharonic blessing.. to encourage people around us. 
A guy at the Moshav filmed it, also with a drone, even though it was completely spontaneous, and we had a Praise evening from the porches. Literally…

We were heard all over surrounding villages, it was very special…
Feel free to send to all Israel’s friends
Out there who are suffering and struggling right now…

You can find this precious moment in time recorded here:

May you have a beautiful Sabbath,
Shabbat Shalom

The first month of the year!

Warm greetings, everyone,

As the sun sets in Israel later today, many will be observing Rosh Chodesh Aviv.  This month, as written in Exodus 12:2, is to be “the first month of the year to you” (NKJV).  May this year prove to become a time of healing, a time of love, and a time of peace.

Though recent events have been disruptive to many, we trust in the word of the LORD found at Jeremiah 31:25, where He promises to “satisfy the weary soul” and replenish “every languishing soul” (ESV).

No doubt some of you are enjoying this time of solitude with the Father.  I understand that introverts are proudly claiming that they’ve been preparing for quarantine for years 🙂  However, I also understand that there are those who still wish to connect with others during this time.  If you wish to connect with other Messianic believers online, one of the fellowships south of us has started to meet on Shabbat via the internet.  For more information about these virtual gatherings, please contact Blaine Hershey at or at 1-877-310-3728.

Wherever the new moon may find you this evening, may the unfailing love of our Great God enrapture your heart, your life, and your year ahead.  Shalom.

How are you?

Good evening, Mishpachah,

How are you?
Do you need any assistance in getting food or medicine?
If so, please don’t hesitate in letting us know, we’re in this together 🙂

In case you don’t have the group list handy, my number is 705-770-3004, and my email is  (Please remember that I don’t get replies to these emails sent to you from the website.  To contact me, you will need to compose a new email with the address above.)

As Passover fast approaches, may we be ever mindful of the times.  With group gatherings brought to a minimum, our household now looks forward to a quiet observance at home, and pray that the LORD bless you with a precious and intimate time at your respective homes.  At our house this year, we will be resorting to an old family tradition of unleavened bread, Punjabi style 🙂  My Mom used to make me flatbread that was on and off the pan in record time, so we’re going to try and duplicate it for the feast 🙂  

If you are having difficulty finding matzah this year and would like to attempt to make your own, here are a couple of links I found:

In closing, please know that I hope you’re well, not just physically but in every way.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the family, that’s what we’re all here for.  We’ve all been through some tough times together, and this is no different.  God will see us through.

This evening, I leave you with one of my favourite blessings, the blessing I use to tuck my little ones in at night, and when I’m alone, the same blessing I recite: The Priestly Blessing in Hebrew and English.

Yours in health and well-being,

Thinking of you :)

Good day, everyone,

I hope my email finds you healthy and well 🙂

Wherever you may be, please know that you are thought of and not alone. Toward the end of 2019, some of those attending Aliyah exchanged contact information; this is the time to use that information and reach out if you are in need.

Though uncertainty grips many, we are confident in the assurance of the Eternal One. As the Psalmist wrote:
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God.
(Psalm 43:5b, NIV)

Thinking of you,
Rudy, Megan, and Family

On Being Thankful

Good afternoon, Mishpachah 🙂

As the “winter blues” tightened its grip on many this week, I could not help but meditate on the uplifting effect of being thankful. It becomes difficult to dwell on things you lack when you are overflowing with thanks about the things you have 🙂

Levi and I had the opportunity to revisit the Busby Centre, as more donations came in. In speaking with one of the care-workers as we toured the facility, we learned more about those who occupy the 75 cots and rubber mats, in search of shelter on these cold winter nights. We were surprised to hear that some of the homeless people that require the kindness of the Centre have jobs. These “working-class” people have found the cost of living, and housing, to have risen so drastically that their ends cannot meet. So, while underwear continues to be a need at the shelter, the fight for affordable housing is the focus.

Thank you, Father, for the hope you provide where everyone will have the joy and peace of sitting under their own “vine” and “fig tree” (Micah 4:4).

Thank you, Father, for moving hearts, right here in Barrie, to help those who cannot repay (Luke 14:12-14).

Thank you, Father, for being righteous in all your ways and sustaining us, so faithfully (Psalm 145:16-17).

Thank you to those who have continued to support our efforts, may you be blessed!

Thank you to those who have continued to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and inquire of Megan’s progress. Megan is encouraged and has recently begun Naturopathic treatment in conjunction with her specialized medical care. The twofold treatment has proven to give Megan more energy thus far, and we are excited about what the future holds!

We think of all of you often and look very forward to connecting again in person as the Father allows.

Be well and blessed, Mishpachah,
With peace and good things,
Rudy, Megan, and the Grewal house.

Lending to the LORD…

The Scriptures teach us:
“He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD,
And He will pay back what he has given” (Proverbs 19:17, NKJV).

Thank you to all who made it possible to help those in need, right here in Barrie, this winter! We were able to brighten some faces and provide some warmth for those at the David Busby Centre this week!

By way of reminder, the Busby Centre provides outreach to the homeless and has a converted ambulance that drives around the streets of Barrie, especially on the cold winter nights, to help the suffering survive. They load up their “outreach-mobile” with whatever supplies they have, like sweaters, coats, mitts, hats and blankets, and distribute them as needed. When my children and I met the Centre’s representatives with our collective donation, the ambulance driver took the long underwear, socks, hats, and mitts immediately from our hands and loaded the vehicle. The driver informed us with a big smile that ‘the mitts will warm people tonight,’ and then lamented that they had nothing to give the needy the night before, and thanked us again.

The Busby Centre staff were full of appreciation as our team carried the donations inside. A small crowd gathered, and one young man kindly informed a staff member, that he needed boots. Another staff member asked how and why we were doing this? Smiling, I replied that I had seen their street ambulance roaming around, and touched by their work, some members of the community have stepped up to help by way of these donations.

Thank you again to all who have stepped up and contribute to Aliyah on a regular basis!  Your very kind donations are helping more than you know!

Be well and blessed!
Rudy & Family

Thank you for your ministry!

Along our journey, it has been our great privilege to have met so many brothers and sisters in the faith, that are truly inspiring and have much to share.  Thank you all for your ministry! 

Though having families and ministries of their own, some have taken the time to regularly visit Aliyah to share encouragement from their life experience and the Scriptures we treasure.  You can learn more about a few of these ones in the following paragraphs:

Dr. David Sloss, PhD.
My wife Marian and I share a passion for life and interacting with others who are on the journey of faith.  Over 50 years together gives us some perspectives on various aspects of life and faith, which we consider valuable in relating to others, encouraging, challenging, and loving.  I enjoy the study of Scripture and find in it an amazingly deep source of instruction from our Father.  Sharing these new insights provides an outlet for my teaching skills as I look for new and enticing ways to convey the truth to contemporary cultures both here and around the world.

As Kingdom believers, we are called to be people of light, love and living water – to provide an examined perspective in a largely unexamined culture.  Although “going with the flow” is the easy way to survive in our society, we have a calling which informs how we live according to the instruction of our King and the pattern of our Saviour.  This is the passion with which I teach an Adult Bible Study in Owen Sound, and in mission involvement with a group in Uganda.  In this African context we lead Pastors and Church Leader Conferences on an annual basis, through Baraka International Ministries.  At Aliyah fellowship in Barrie, we help in leadership and teaching as opportunity arises.  Our desire in all of the teaching and encouragement we do is to honour our King, bring glory to His Name and in the process, build up the saints.  Marian and I share this passion and trust that the blessing of our King and Heavenly Father rests upon all we do. We all live with questions, let’s learn from the experience of others, together, David.

Contact Dr. Sloss at: Baraka International Ministries
3-115 Denmark Street, Meaford, ON N4L 1W5

Mr. Blaine Hershey 
My wife Debbie and I have been married for over 44 years, and have enjoyed the privilege of raising six children.  We currently serve fellowships in the vicinity of Fergus, Ontario.  We typically meet as a group every other Shabbat which allows us to visit others in the Ontario region on the alternating weekends.  Throughout our many life’s experiences, travelling the ups and downs, we have found truth and comfort in the Psalmist’s words: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  We feel very blessed that we have been lead to a deeper understanding of the scriptures and have come to appreciate how the Bible fits together.  God has had a plan from the beginning, and we can be a part of that plan! As life gets more and more challenging, we have found the Bible to be our source of refuge and strength.  True are Yeshua’s (Jesus’) words in Matthew 11: 28-30, ‘His yoke is easy, and his burden is light’, Blaine.

Contact Mr. Hershey at:

Mr. Levis Guay
My wife Melanie and I have been married for over 18 years & have two sons. Melanie and I were from different denominations and spent many years coming together in the search for truth and growth in the worship of our Father.  For most of my life I struggled with my own identity, depression, and lack of direction. Being brought into an understanding that my Father wants an active relationship with me has changed everything. Knowing I can make conscious decisions based on the Word of my Father encourages me to live a deliberate life.  I believe that the Father has asked me to remember: Remain humble and welcome all who come through the Door.  May the LORD Bless you and keep you, may you be a light in the darkness, Levis.

Long Underwear & Shabbat

Good afternoon and Shalom, Everyone,

At the forefront of our ministry, which started a number of years ago now, was our effort to reach out into the community with the hope and help of Messiah. Together, with our fellowship family and local Barrie Businesses, we were blessed to kick off this initiative with facilitating a significant renovation at the Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter, to help the hurting be a little more comfortable. Some newspaper clippings to this event are still available online at the following links:

Since then, it has been our distinct privilege to grow even closer as a fellowship family and to aid one another through the smiles and sorrows of this journey we know as birth, life, and death. One must never forget that outreach begins with those closest to us and can grow ever increasingly outward, as a small nucleus strengthens and grows to become an increasingly active member of the body. Growing forward, it has been our pleasure to be a part of many communal gatherings in the Messianic community, seeing new relationships fostered and support systems expand. Some links to those event pages can be found here:

Today, I would kindly like to bring your attention to the homeless, and often hopeless, who seek shelter on the streets and rely on the Samaritan’s goodwill. This week I had the opportunity to meet with a representative of the David Busby Street Centre, in Barrie, and was able to ask them what their primary need was; the answer: Long Underwear! The Street Centre has a converted ambulance that drives around the streets of Barrie, especially on the cold winter nights, to help the suffering survive. They load up their care-mobile with whatever supplies they have, like sweaters, coats, mitts, hats and blankets, and distribute them as needed. Accordingly, over the next month, a part of your donations to Aliyah will go to purchasing long underwear to donate towards this cause. If you have any of the aforementioned items at home, that you wish to donate, please bring them with you to fellowship over the next month and I will collect them until Shabbat, November 16th; thereafter, I will bring them all to the Street Centre during the week of November 17th. Thank you all, so much, for your kind and loving support over the years and for your prayers to help bring the Light of Messiah to the streets!
See you soon and Shabbat Shalom.