Long Underwear & Shabbat

Good afternoon and Shalom, Everyone,

At the forefront of our ministry, which started a number of years ago now, was our effort to reach out into the community with the hope and help of Messiah. Together, with our fellowship family and local Barrie Businesses, we were blessed to kick off this initiative with facilitating a significant renovation at the Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter, to help the hurting be a little more comfortable. Some newspaper clippings to this event are still available online at the following links:

Since then, it has been our distinct privilege to grow even closer as a fellowship family and to aid one another through the smiles and sorrows of this journey we know as birth, life, and death. One must never forget that outreach begins with those closest to us and can grow ever increasingly outward, as a small nucleus strengthens and grows to become an increasingly active member of the body. Growing forward, it has been our pleasure to be a part of many communal gatherings in the Messianic community, seeing new relationships fostered and support systems expand. Some links to those event pages can be found here:

Today, I would kindly like to bring your attention to the homeless, and often hopeless, who seek shelter on the streets and rely on the Samaritan’s goodwill. This week I had the opportunity to meet with a representative of the David Busby Street Centre, in Barrie, and was able to ask them what their primary need was; the answer: Long Underwear! The Street Centre has a converted ambulance that drives around the streets of Barrie, especially on the cold winter nights, to help the suffering survive. They load up their care-mobile with whatever supplies they have, like sweaters, coats, mitts, hats and blankets, and distribute them as needed. Accordingly, over the next month, a part of your donations to Aliyah will go to purchasing long underwear to donate towards this cause. If you have any of the aforementioned items at home, that you wish to donate, please bring them with you to fellowship over the next month and I will collect them until Shabbat, November 16th; thereafter, I will bring them all to the Street Centre during the week of November 17th. Thank you all, so much, for your kind and loving support over the years and for your prayers to help bring the Light of Messiah to the streets!
See you soon and Shabbat Shalom.