On Being Thankful

Good afternoon, Mishpachah 🙂

As the “winter blues” tightened its grip on many this week, I could not help but meditate on the uplifting effect of being thankful. It becomes difficult to dwell on things you lack when you are overflowing with thanks about the things you have 🙂

Levi and I had the opportunity to revisit the Busby Centre, as more donations came in. In speaking with one of the care-workers as we toured the facility, we learned more about those who occupy the 75 cots and rubber mats, in search of shelter on these cold winter nights. We were surprised to hear that some of the homeless people that require the kindness of the Centre have jobs. These “working-class” people have found the cost of living, and housing, to have risen so drastically that their ends cannot meet. So, while underwear continues to be a need at the shelter, the fight for affordable housing is the focus.

Thank you, Father, for the hope you provide where everyone will have the joy and peace of sitting under their own “vine” and “fig tree” (Micah 4:4).

Thank you, Father, for moving hearts, right here in Barrie, to help those who cannot repay (Luke 14:12-14).

Thank you, Father, for being righteous in all your ways and sustaining us, so faithfully (Psalm 145:16-17).

Thank you to those who have continued to support our efforts, may you be blessed!

Thank you to those who have continued to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and inquire of Megan’s progress. Megan is encouraged and has recently begun Naturopathic treatment in conjunction with her specialized medical care. The twofold treatment has proven to give Megan more energy thus far, and we are excited about what the future holds!

We think of all of you often and look very forward to connecting again in person as the Father allows.

Be well and blessed, Mishpachah,
With peace and good things,
Rudy, Megan, and the Grewal house.