Welcome Charlotte Megan!

“After this Job lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations” (Job 42:16).

Please join us in welcoming our first grandchild, Charlotte Megan!
The baby and mother are doing well! The grandfather, not so sure 🙂

The first time I saw Megan, I knew she was going to change my life. Today, as I see her name flowing through yet another layer in time, I am humbled and honoured to be her husband, and grandfather to our children.

For the Messianic community, is there any better date to have a child born than 6-13 🙂 I can still see Dee (our daughter, the mother) holding up her Simba toy as the Circle of Life played in the background. Perhaps Charlotte Megan will dance to this: Six13 – A Lion King Pass over 🙂

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and well wishes! Great peace be upon you, Shalom.